Where do I purchase tickets?

2018 event tickets can be purchased from 501auctions.com/apollogala. Supporters of the 2018 event will be given advance notice of when 2019 tickets become available.

How many VIP tickets will be available for sale?

Only 50 VIP tickets are available for the 2018 event. We expect to sell out very quickly.

What do the tickets include?

There are 2 main categories of tickets: VIP and guest. A VIP ticket purchase includes: Transportation to/from Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex, an astronaut photograph opportunity under the Apollo Saturn V rocket, VVIP drinks reception, gala dinner with an open bar, awards ceremony, live auction, the on-stage astronaut panel discussion, a thank you gift, official event program, informal after-show party, and an informal, private VVIP breakfast on Sunday 22 July 2018. A gala guest ticket purchase includes: Transportation to/from Kennedy Space Center, gala dinner with an open bar, awards ceremony, live auction, the on-stage astronaut panel discussion, a thank you gift, the official program.

What happens when I buy a ticket online?

You will be sent an automated email confirming the purchase of your tickets and will be given full details of when/where to meet to collect your welcome pack and transportation to the event. You will not be sent a printed ticket so keep your email receipt as proof of purchase. At the time of booking, you will be prompted for your guest names and their registration details, although you can add these later. (We will send you a reminder.)

Is it possible to upgrade my ticket at a later date?

Subject to availability, if you wish to upgrade your ticket you can do so by emailing us at gala@buzzaldrin.com​ – your credit card will be charged the upgrade fee and you will be sent an automated confirmation. Please note there will be only 50 allotted VIP tickets on sale, and they are expected to sell out quickly.

Can I buy additional tickets and still be seated with all my guests?

Subject to availability you can of course purchase as many tickets as you like. Tables seat a maximum of 10 guests. When purchasing tickets you will need to be sure to include your party name when prompted and we will do our best to seat your guests together.

Is it possible to cancel my ticket and be reimbursed the full fee?

All ticket sales are final. There will be no refunds/exchanges except for unforeseen circumstances (on a case by case basis.) When tickets have sold out, and assuming we have a waiting list, we can offer your tickets to those awaiting availability and issue a reimbursement.

If I am purchasing an educator/military discounted ticket, what documentation is required?

At the time of purchasing a ticket, you will need to email us proof of current or former employment to gala@buzzaldrin.com. If you do not send this information, we reserve the right to cancel ticket(s). There is a 2-ticket maximum per individual purchase.

How can I purchase or reserve a ticket for the 2019 Apollo event?

If you would like to register your interest in attending the epic 2019 event (on Tuesday 16 July 2019), do by all means email us (gala@sharespace.org). 2019 tickets will first be offered to the Foundations’ most loyal donors. We are anticipating 2019 tickets to sell out very quickly due to the amount of excitement and demand we have already been receiving. If the 2019 event is of particular interest to you, we encourage planning ahead while making your 2018 reservations.

When will tickets for the 2019 Apollo event go on sale?

Late 2018 or early 2019. We will keep the news section of this site up-to-date with information as it becomes available. Check back from time-to-time so you can stay in the know.


What hotel should I book?

You will be sent local hotel information at the time of ticket purchase. We recommend preparing to book for Friday 20 July 2018 through Saturday 21 July 2018 as early check-ins will only be offered subject to availability. Most local hotels have 4 PM as their check-in time which may leave you a little tight on time on the Saturday.

Is there a discounted hotel rate for gala guests?

Yes, we have negotiated a discounted rate for our guests. You will be sent a personalized booking link at the time of ticket purchase. The cut-off date for this discounted rate is Tuesday, June 5, 2018.

How, when and where do I register to receive my welcome pack?

Upon purchasing your ticket, you will be sent the address of the registration point. This will be at a venue 45 minutes from Kennedy Space Center Visitors Complex. The registration desk will be open from 12 PM—5 PM on the day of the event Saturday, July 21, 2018. We recommend you and your guests arrive well before your allocated time of departure to avoid lines.

Can I park at the registration point and leave my car there during the event?

Yes, nearby parking is possible.

What does my welcome pack include?

It will include your personalized badge, your table number, an event program, sponsor promotions and information about the auction.

Can I access the event without a personalized badge?

You will be denied access to the venue without a badge. Each guest will need to register online to ensure their name is on their badge. You will be given details upon purchase. For group bookings, your name badge / passes will be issued in one package. If your group will be arriving separately and at different times, you will need to notify gala@buzzaldrin.com by Thursday, July 5, 2018.

How does transportation to the venue work?

Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex buses will transport all guests from the registration point for the evening events and back. VIP ticket guests will depart first and gala guest ticket holders will depart approximately one hour later. At the end of the event, all guests (both ticket categories) will depart at the same time, 10 PM, arriving back at the registration point approximate 10.45 PM. Buses will leave promptly and we are not able to accommodate late arrivals. NASA requires that all guests go through security at the hotel prior to boarding buses.

How long is the journey from the registration point to the gala venue?

45 minutes.

Are there any restrictions with accessing Kennedy Space Center?

Due to federal regulations, passport details for all foreign national visitors and anyone born outside of the US must be sent to NASA Protective Services one week prior to accessing any event site on Federal property. We will therefore require: visitor’s full name, date of birth, country of birth and passport number. Failure to send this information in advance will result in denial of access. You will be sent a reminder well in advance.

Can I drive myself to Kennedy Space Center?

Due to federal regulations, being on a government property, out-of-hours event when Kennedy Space Center is closed to the public, civilians cannot drive themselves, nor park at the venue. Strictly only NASA vehicles may access the venue out-of-hours. The only exception is for NASA-badged individuals.


What is the dress code?

The dress code is Celestial Chic—a spacey interpretation of black or white tie. Many guests will dress in black or white tie, but many will choose to embrace a more cosmic theme—a prize will be given to the most creative interpretation and the winner will be presented with an award on stage. The venue is air-conditioned, we therefore recommend a jacket or shawl for warmth.

What will the weather be like?

A humid and high of 90 degrees outside.

What about any dietary requirements?

At the time of booking, you will be prompted to mention any dietary requirements you have. We will be offering vegetarian options for all three courses.

What are the timings of the event program?

You will be emailed the exact timings one month prior to the event.

Who will be in the ‘astronaut photograph opportunity’ and where/when will it take place?

The astronaut photograph opportunity (photo op) is for VIP ticket holders only and will take place upon arrival under the Apollo Saturn V Rocket. The photograph will feature the most iconic astronauts who able to attend the event and the final line-up will be announced one month prior to the event. We are reluctant to confirm names in advance as attendance is subject change at any time. The line moves quickly and we regret this is not an opportunity to linger and chat with the astronauts. The VIP drinks reception, after-show party and VIP breakfast are more suited to this.

Which astronauts were in the photo in 2017?

Buzz Aldrin, Michael Collins, Walter Cunningham and Harrison ‘Jack’ Schmitt.

How will I get my astronaut photo?

A link to a website will be sent to you maximum one week after the event. From there you can download your photo in a high-resolution format. There may also be the chance to purchase other official photos from the event.

Can we request astronaut autographs and individual photographs?

We request that guests respect the privacy of the astronauts and uphold the no-autograph policy that is put in place for this event.

Which astronauts and notable names will attend?

This information will be posted in the news section of www.apollocelebrationgala.com. Some names may not be announced and simply a surprise at the time. As well as astronauts from the modern day, we are planning to have as many Apollo astronauts as we can, schedules permitting. We’ll announce who as they commit. Previous astronauts and space dignitaries who have attended are Buzz Aldrin (Apollo 11), Michael Collins (Apollo 11), Walt Cunningham (Apollo 7), Harrison ‘Jack’ Schmitt (Apollo 17), Terry Virts (ISS Commander), NASA executive management, the Aldrin and Armstrong families—to name a few.

If I have a guest gala ticket, can I attend the after-show party and VIP breakfast?

Admission to these events is strictly for VIP badge holders only. Entrance will be denied to anyone not wearing their VIP badge.

What is the dress code for the after-show party and VIP breakfast?

Informal. As the after-show is outside (i.e. warm and humid), many guests prefer to change into a casual attire.

How will I know where to sit?

Your table number will be included in your welcome pack. There will also be an information desk at the gala venue.

What does the after-show party involve?

The after-show is an informal party held from 10.45 PM—01.00 AM at the host hotel. (Venue will remain confidential until much nearer the event.) Drinks and small bites will be served. All astronauts and dignitaries are invited, offering a great chance to meet everyone in a more informal atmosphere. It is an extremely rare opportunity.

What does the VIP breakfast on Sunday, July 22, 2018 entail?

This is another relaxed and informal opportunity to mingle and dine with all VIP guests. All astronauts are invited and often attend, enjoying the chance to share more of their epic tales. It is a great chance to further network with other gala guests. A buffet-style breakfast is served. The cost is included in a VIP ticket.


How do the auctions work?

We will have a brief but electrifying live auction during the event and a silent auction that will run online until 9.00 PM.

How does the live auction work?

The live auction takes place during the actual event with approximately 8 lots that will be showcased. The auction will be overseen by a professional auctioneer. Most of the live auction lots will be showcased on www.501auctions.com/apollogala at least 2 weeks before the event, although some may remain confidential until the event itself. If you are wishing to be fully connected to the action, we recommend you either attend the event or send a representative on your behalf. (See below notes for proxy bidding.)

How does the silent auction work?

The silent auction will have approximately 40 lots, which will be hosted on the www.501auctions.com/apollogala website. At the gala, we will use mobile bidding exclusively. We recommend you arrive with your smartphone fully charged, although we will have a charging station available. If you don’t have a smartphone, you can still place a bid at the gala; we will have staff with iPads available to assist you. If you are outbid, you’ll receive an email and text message (US and Canadian phones only) notification. For other countries’ phones, you will just receive an email. For further details refer to the auction rules page of www.501auctions.com/apollogala.

When will the auction lots be viewable?

The silent auction lots will be added to the site from May 2018 onwards. It will go live for online/mobile bidding by end June and will close at 9.00 PM Saturday, July 21, 2018.

How do I bid for silent auction lots?

Register for an account on www.501auctions.com/apollogala. We recommend that all individual guests register. Guests will be sent reminders to do so.

How do I bid for live auction lots?

All guests who are registered at the event can bid by raising their hands during the auction itself. We will have auction spotters on site to help you with the entire bidding process and to confirm your bid. A bid acknowledged by the auctioneer is a legal contract to purchase the item. The highest bidder acknowledged by the auctioneer shall be the purchaser. In the event of any dispute between bidders, the auctioneer has sole and final discretion. For further details refer to the auction rules page of www.501auctions.com/apollogala.

Are proxy bids possible?

If you want to bid in the live auction but can’t make it to the event, you can submit a proxy bid. While it is possible to register for proxy bidding right up until a couple of hours before the event, we would recommend doing so well in advance. Register via www.501auctions.com/apollogala. The expert 501 auctions team will support your needs to bid remotely. Please refer to www.501auctions.com/apollogala for detailed instructions on proxy bidding.

When will I be given my auction lot?

Where possible, auction lots will be packed up and given to each recipient in bags at the end of the gala evening. If guests attending the gala wish to have them shipped later that week, at additional cost. All costs incurred will be added to the winning bid’s registered account. Winning bids that have been won by proxy will be shipped within 1 week of the event. All shipping costs will be added to your account and payment taken in advance of shipping the item.


(timing is approximate)

12.00—5.00 PM
Guest registration.
4.45—5.30 PM
VIP ticket holders transportation from registration point to Kennedy Space Center.
5.30—6.30 PM
Official astronaut photo op and VIP drinks reception.
5.45—6.30 PM
Gala guest ticket holder transportation from registration point to Kennedy Space Center.
7.00—10.00 PM
Gala dinner, auctions, awards, entertainment.
10.00—10.45 PM
Return transportation from KSC to registration point.
11.00 PM—1.00 AM
After-show party (for VIP ticket holders only).

SUNDAY JULY 22, 2018

8.00—11.00 AM
VIP breakfast.
One-third of Earth’s sphere as seen from Apollo 11 spacecraft