Celebrating Apollo—The Journey To Our First Steps

Saturday 21, July 2018
Under the Apollo Saturn V Rocket, Kennedy Space Center Visitors Complex, Florida
5.30–10 PM (After-show for VIPs until 1 AM)
Dress Code:
Celestial Chic (Black/white tie with a spacey twist if you wish! Prize given for best interpretation.)

This annual, star-studded gala features rare appearances, speeches and on-stage conversations between some of the most notable astronauts, space industry innovators and well-known faces in Hollywood. Business leaders and passionate space followers from across the globe celebrate the most historic space programs and raise funds to promote inspirational space education.

For the historic 2018 and 2019 celebrations, Buzz Aldrin’s ShareSpace Foundation and the Astronaut Scholarship Foundation have teamed up to share resources and maximize the impact. 50 years of Apollo will be celebrated to the max, with the 2018 event specifically commemorating the all-important Mercury and Gemini programs that paved the way for man to walk on the moon. Gala guests will learn first-hand how the astronauts prepared their flights and what immense challenges were overcome.

Health and diaries permitting, many astronauts will join from all eras and missions including Gemini, Apollo 7–17 and through to the modern day. Attending astronauts will be announced throughout the year in the News Section although some of the bigger names will remain a surprise until the gala day itself!

The event run of show will once again be in the hands of John Zarrella (CNN’s space reporter for over 30 years) and the 2018 astronaut panel will be curated by Britain’s most eminent physicist Professor Brian Cox, OBE.

The 2018 event comprises: Drinks Reception, Gala Dinner, Buzz Aldrin Space Award Ceremony, On-stage Astronaut Panel and an exciting Live Auction with highly collectible Apollo related memorabilia.

The Apollo Celebration Gala raises vital funds for STEAM education, scholarships and to inspire the game-changers of the future.


Crescent Earth rises above lunar horizon in spectacular photograph from NASA's final lunar landing mission, Apollo 17